Leadership Team

Martin Kao, Chief Executive Officer

Gary Ambrose, Chief Operating Officer

David Kring, Chief Technology Officer

Cliff Chen, Chief Financial Officer

Vice President

Gary Shimozono, Senior Vice President

Eric Schiff, Vice President, Operations and Administration

Brian Kays, Vice President, Mechanical Engineering and Controls

Josh Knight, Vice President, Technology Development

Duke Hartman, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Richard “Paco” Sanchez, Vice President, Business Development

Todd Lam, Vice President, Information Technology

Kyle Warren, Vice President, Engineering

Director & Officer

Brendan Conlon, Director, Cyber Security

Daniel Brunk, Director, Navy and Marine Corp.

Rick Gaeta, Director, Unmanned Aerial Systems Research and Development

Priya Hicks, Director, Business Development, Undersea and Space Systems

James Stusse, Director, Business Development, Expeditionary Warfare

Brian Cuneo, Director, Arlington Office

Maggie Craig, Director, Portland Office

Amanda Costa, Director, Rhode Island Office

Santiago Lentijo, Deputy Director, Columbia Office

Karen Ernst, Director, Talent and Culture

Steven Loui, Director, Advanced Planing Craft and Hull Research

James Ota, Officer, Contracts